What's worth upgrading in New Construction

What’s Worth Upgrading in New Construction?

There is so much to upgrade, but what’s worth upgrading?

Whether you set out to find a new house or build your dream house the startling amount of options is enough to make anyones head spin. There are hundreds of options for every imaginable thing in a house. Obvious things like paint color, carpet, counter tops, as well as little things that need deciding like light switch covers, door knobs, and window latches. So now the real question is what’s worth upgrading?

With all these options its easy to let the price get away from you. It’s not uncommon for home buyers to spend up to 10% more than they plan to. Having high quality materials and appliances that you love is extremely important and certainly worth the price when you look at how long you are planning to enjoy these things but there are two questions you should ask yourself before you open up your wallet. First, will this upgrade/feature benefit resale? Second, will I enjoy this upgrade/feature enough to pay for it if it doesn’t benefit resale?

What's Worth Upgrading Completed New Construction Homes in Lakeville

Walk in Pantry and Granite Countertops

The Selling South of the River team has a lot of experience with all types of homes and we have a few suggestions for what upgrades you should focus your budget on. Each house is a series of first impressions strung together. A first impression takes about ten seconds to make and they stick! Check out our post The Importance of First Impressions in Home Sales. The first thing your family, friends, or potential buyers will touch and see up close is the front door. Make sure it is a nice one! A very neglected upgrade is the front door. You will be seeing it every time you enter or leave your house so make sure you pick one you love.

Flooring in general is another upgrade that is worth investing in. When thinking about resale hardwood floors are always a great stand by. Carpet and carpet padding are also well worth upgrading. Builders will refer to them as a series of levels. Carpet padding is worth upgrading two-three “levels” while carpet is worth two “levels”. Another popular option that resales well is Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT.

What's worth Upgrading in the KitchenDepending on your life style you may want to pay special attention to the kitchen. Many people find this to be the hub of their home. Things to focus on are high quality kitchen appliances, counter tops, and your sink. We would suggest stainless steal appliances and a nice sink that matches whatever counters you choose. The counter top you choose is very important as well. This will tie your whole kitchen together and set the backdrop for the room much like the paint does. We recommend a uniform high quality Cambria, Granite, or Silestone counter.


What's Worth Upgrading Luxury ShowerAnother good place to focus on is the bathrooms. Like the kitchen we spend a good chunk of time in the restroom. It all comes down to the owners personal preferences but make sure you give some thought to your bathrooms especially the owners suite bathroom. As times change there is a growing debate over the necessity of an oversize tub in the owners suite bathroom. In the past no one would even think to not install a large and ornate tub but now days many people are leaning towards luxury tile showers. In our experience you will want to adapt to the changing market and focus on the shower. A nice way to balance this out is to upgrade the tub to a larger size in a different bathroom. Be sure to think about what you need and what will fit your lifestyle. If you and your significant other get ready at the same time a duel sink might be a necessity for a happy morning routine. One feature that Hebert Homes newest home offers is a walk in closet attached to the bathroom. This could be a saving grace for couples who get ready at different times and don’t want to disturb each other. On top of that imagine avoiding that chill mid December mornings when leaving your steamy bathroom to get to your clothes!

If you have the option then extra windows and extra garage space are always a plus. Many people forgo a fireplace but we consider them to be worth it. Even if you don’t use it often it adds a very classy feel, gives you a place to display artwork or family photos, and if done properly can be a beautiful statement piece for your room.

Whether you are renovating, building, or customizing a to be built home watch you budget carefully and get ready for some serious “what matters more talks”. When it comes to shopping for anything people generally never like something as much as they do in store, so if you only like it or are settling for it you may regret it later. There are great design centers online and at many stores but keep in mind that design centers job is to sell you merchandise. Be careful and think about what you want, need, and most importantly whats worth it?

Read what Sheryl’s clients say about working with Sheryl and the Selling South of the River Team!

If you are thinking about updating your current home for resale we would be happy to visit and give you our opinion on what’s worth upgrading.

If you are looking for a Builder check out our post 3 Ways to Select a Builder for Your New Home.

As always the Selling South of the River team is more than happy to answer any questions and guild you through the important and decision filled process of finding or building your dream house. Please call Sheryl at 612-889-6496 or email at [email protected]

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