First Impression in Home Sales

The Importance of First Impressions in Home Sales

People will always tell you that first impressions are extremely important and they are right!

Depending where you look you will find information stating that we make impressions in anywhere from 1/10 a second to one minute. The average consensus is that people make a first impression with in seven to ten seconds and they stick. This doesn’t just apply to new people we meet though, even your home is subject to the seven second impression. Creating a great first impression in home sales is just as important and quick. Over the years focus has shifted from curb appeal to web appeal but don’t let that fool you. You still only have a few fleeting moments to make that wow impression when someone visits your house. Luckily, as long as they aren’t scared off by the front of your home and you can get them through the door you get multiple chances with a first impression for every room.

Basic curb appeal includes making sure your lawn and any foliage is well groomed. Make sure there are no toys lying around. A couple little things to spruce up your house would be ensuring your house numbers and front door look good. A quick coat of paint on the front door and some shinny new numbers will improve your curb appeal and your seven second impression!

Curb appeal is important to First Impression

A couple ways to try to maximize each rooms first impression is to make sure each room is in tip top shape. Have every room carefully staged to give it a neat, organized, and clean feel. People want to be able to imagine them selves living in your home. Try your best to make that easy for them!

Give your home a thorough deep clean. Pay special attention to all the vents, blinds, and groves on doors and windows. Clean the inside of your refrigerator, oven and all cabinets. Another important things that makes a house feel very clean is to de-cluter and we mean de-clutter every thing! Every closet, cabinet, and drawer! This may seem like a huge task to undertake but it is something you will need to do before you pack all your things to move anyway.

Carefully check all facets, door knobs, doors, lights, light fixtures and make sure everything is in perfect shape. Nothing should be dripping, loose, or broken in any way. Most people are looking for a move in ready home.

An often overlooked aspect of home appeal is the smell of your home. This is a major part of your seven second impression. Many things like pets and preparing food will cause a lingering smell that becomes hard to pick up when you live around it. A smell doesn’t need to be unpleasant to you for it to take away from your home. What matters is if it’s unpleasant to who is seeing your home. Try to stay away from strong fragrances of any kind and it wouldn’t hurt to open up the windows and air out the house every so often.

These few tips will help you maximize your first impression. As alway the Selling South of the River team is here to help and answer any questions you may have.

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