Multiple offer homes in Eagan MN

More Multiple Offers this past Weekend…calling all Sellers, consider this…

We successfully negotiated the sale of another listing this weekend and wouldn’t you know, it was multiple offers again! Do you want to sell your home in 2012? If you plan to ‘Move-Up’ into the purchase of a larger home, this might be the Very Best time to act. Consider the following example of a move-up situation.

Real Estate Market turns slowly in Apple Valley Multiple offers

This Makes Me Want a Vacation!

The Vast Real Estate Marketplace does not turn on a dime. It feels more like  Cruise Ship out in the middle of the ocean, slowly turning around. Passengers might not even recognize the change until they realize the sun is shining on their other cheek and they ask, “Oh, did we turn around?”

Consider this scenario: Let’s assume a 25% decline in prices in Apple Valley and Eagan homes since their highest values in 2005.

You can now Sell your Apple Valley home for $190,000 (instead of the $230,000 it would have been in 2005) but you can Buy a home in Eagan for $385,000 (instead of the $515,000 it would have cost in 2005).  Couple that with the drop in interest rates to an unheard of 3.5% and calculate the difference in monthly payment.

Your current mortgage rate might be 5,5% to 6% making your principle and interest portion of the payment $1025.00.  Your new mortgage would likely be 3.5% making the principle and interest portion of the payment $1553.00.

multiple offer mortgage calculator

Check out this useful tool and learn how to shorten your mortgage.

Bank has a really nice mortgage calculator which I used for this example, and I used a 90% loan to value.  I also like this calculator because it includes a chance to play with how many years you can cut off your mortgage by paying a little extra each month.

Now take a look at the future appreciation of properties, we shouldn’t anticipate the local real estate market to start booming or appreciating fast.

According to the Case-Schiller index our average rate of home appreciation over the past 100 years averaged 3%-5%.  Let’s use a 4% average rate of appreciation.  At the end of  7 years your current home will be valued at $250,200 while the new home will be valued at $506,000. Remember even modest rates of appreciate add up fast in a larger valued home.

Because I focus on home sales in the cities of Burnsville, Eagan, Apple Valley, Rosemount, Lakeville, Farmington, Savage and Prior Lake, I did a little research there today.  There is a huge difference in the ‘Amount of House’ you get for those two different prices.  You could double your square footage, go from a 2 to a 3 car garage and enjoy numerous upgrades such as Granite Counter tops, Hardwood Floors, Larger Kitchens, 4-Season Porches, Hot tubs and Luxury Owner’s Suites.

No one can guarantee the marketplace will begin to appreciate anytime soon. However the amount of multiple offers we are seeing on both bank owned Foreclosures and Traditional Sales bodes well for that possibility.  I do believe over the long term, Homes will begin to appreciate again and the rate of appreciation might be brisk for a short period of time while the market finds it’s equilibrium. After that initial surge, homes will likely appreciate again at the rate of 3%-5%, similar to normal inflation and average wage increases.

My example is somewhat simplistic and there are other factors such as higher property taxes on the larger home, but you get the gist.  I’m happy to calculate the difference for you personally, I can even email it to you if your prefer.  Let me know if you would like to consider putting your South of the River Home for Sale!  We could sure use some more inventory!    follow me @sherylpetrashek

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