Showings Feedback and what it means

Listen closely to Showings Feedback when selling your home…

Happy Sellers of Lakeville Home listened to Showings Feedback

Sellers Succeed by Following the Feedback

Congratulations to my wonderful clients on a successful closing today! The sellers of this beautiful home in Lakeville bid farewell to the home they owned and diligently maintained for 17 years.  They are moving back to an area of the midwest to be near their adult children and family.

This Lakeville Home could not have been more clean, organized, de-cluttered and ready for the marketplace when I arrived for my first visit. There were still a few changes I thought would help the property present better to South of the River Home Buyers. The initial changes we made included some wallpaper removal, painting and replacing some kitchen appliances. You can see the whole tour of the home on my YouTube Channel if you wish.

The home got many showings and always achieved compliments from agents and buyers.  The lower level of the home has slightly less square footage then the main floor, this was common for homes built in the 1990’s.  Feedback included comments such as, ‘Lower Level did not work for my clients’, ‘buyers felt family room downstairs will not work for them’, ‘buyers loved the house until the lower level,”loved the main floor but house won’t work for them,’ etc… I didn’t thing the difference in square footage was significant enough to cause the comments.

Learn about Showings Feedback

Beautiful Lakeville Home Welcomes New Owners!

We must listen closely to showings feedback when selling your home. The message is not usually a direct message, it is often subtle and easy to miss.  In this case, the feedback about the lower level of this Lakeville Home was never really bad, just the fact the feedback mentioned the lower level often was enough for us to take it seriously.  An L-shaped hallway in the lower level led to a bedroom on one end and a family room on the other end, along the hall there were several closets, plus entrances to bath and mechanical rooms.

We began an analysis of the Lower Level, trying to approach it with fresh eyes.  I remember saying, “I have a little bit of a radical suggestion.  I think we should do two things to conquer the objections we are hearing about the lower level.”  Patiently they listened as I suggested staging the lower level family room with furniture, and cutting in a Dual French door access between the family room and the bedroom.  Silence. “Do you really think we need to do all that?”, they asked.

It’s one of the toughest answers in today’s market. My job and goal is to maximize the equity each Seller receives from the sale of their home. I never want to recommend repairs or changes to a home unless I am sure it will be effective.  I did recommend the change and the Sellers hired a contractor to complete the job.

We had three showings the week after all work and staging were completed.  I am pleased to tell you, from those three showings, we received two written offers to purchase the home.

We may never know if the exact changes were instrumental in the sale, of this Lakeville Two Story, but one thing I know for certain; It’s important to Listen closely to the Showings Feedback when selling your home!

Congratulations to the new buyers of this home, they are a delightful couple and the sellers loved knowing thier home will be in caring hands!

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