Are Gray Walls Here to Stay?

Which Colors Decrease Home Value?

Are gray walls here to stay? Yes and no. Nothing is ever here to stay, however, the color is still timeless. Let me explain. Gray used well is a timeless neutral color that can pull a room together. What we’ve been living through is gray EVERYTHING! Is this trend on its last leg? A trend’s shelf life is 10 years at best. On the other hand, a fad lasts a few months and leaves as quickly as it starts. For the last 8 or so years, gray all over has been a prevalent trend. This use, and some would say overuse, of gray may be going out of style. Gray still ages well because it is easier to paint over than bold colors. The color provides a crisp clean look that appeals to buyers.

Let’s Talk Trends

Each decade has its trend. The 90s features dark green, primary colors, and lots of patterns. In the 2000s brown and beige were all over. On a separate but related note, the 2000s also featured huge vaulted ceilings that waste energy. Architecture is just as prone to trends as interior design. Interior design through the 2010s has been covered with gray. Gray all over. Cabinets, floors, walls, furniture, and even exterior paint were gray. Notice I said “were”. Gray will never completely be “out of style” because it is a good neutral color when used as an accent or supporting part of a room’s design. The use of gray as the basis of a room’s design is a trend that may be fast approaching its end.

gray trend
gray trend

Design for Demand

When updating to sell a home you want to appeal to the largest number of people. This increases your marketability. Extremely personal design choices decrease home value because buyers often see these as a drawback or another item added to their to-do list. Designing for demand means coming to terms with a sometimes-hard fact to swallow: your taste may not be timeless. I know this can be bothersome for some. My daughter, who is an artist, would cringe at the concept of a “timeless” design but it is the truth. Redecorating choices don’t need to completely dull so long as you keep the big picture in mind. You should be appealing to the majority as much as possible.

A Little Goes a Long Way

This should be your guiding principle when updating and designing a home to sell. Gray everything is a trend. Accents of gray here and there are timeless and thus a sound decision. Color is not a bad thing but keep any bold colors as accents like throw pillows, art, and your personal belongings. Buyers know these will leave the house with you so they typically don’t reduce your market appeal.

Keeping colors neutral, light, and average will achieve a broader appeal. Think about the color periwinkle. You might love periwinkle painted walls or cabinets and that’s fine, however, you, my daughter, and maybe 0.5% of buyers will love this. Another 15% might be indifferent and 84.5% will dislike or hate such a unique color choice. On the other hand, nearly 100% of buyers enjoy or are indifferent to white or neutral color choices. When designing for selling your home you want to offer buyers a nearly blank canvas that’s in good condition. You are trying to sell a buyer a house they can see themselves personalizing and creating their home. Keeping things neutral leads buyers to use their imagination and hopefully fall in love with the home they could create in your house.

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