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Duplex Vs. Townhome, What Is The Difference?

The Difference

A duplex is one house with two units inside of it. The main difference between a townhome and duplex is the ownership. One person owns the entire duplex property. While in a townhome each unit is owned individually. A townhome is row of attached houses. There is a mandatory association that offers services such as lawncare, snow removal, exterior house repairs or replacements. A duplex has no association and comes with an additional unit that owners can rent out.

The Benefits

These two types of homes offer all the benefits associated with downsizing. This includes less house upkeep, less unused space, lower utility bills, and lower cost of living which means more dispensable income. Townhomes have association services which mean less maintenance. A townhome always feels like an actual home where depending on the layout a duplex might feel more like an apartment. Additionally, renting a second unit creates extra responsibilities as a landlord. Duplex’s offer the ability to rent half your property bringing in extra income. Since there is no association fee or regulations duplex’s offer the same independence as a single-family home. With less shared walls there is a lower chance of noisy neighbors. If you do have a noisy neighbor, they are your renter and can easily be ‘reminded’ to lower their noise level.

The Right One For You

If you are looking to reduce homeowner responsibilities such as yardwork and home maintenance, a town home is the right option. It decreases daily home duties and there are no additional landlord responsibilities. If you are downsizing from a single-family home or upsizing from apartment renting, a townhome offers independent ownership in a small community with more ease or living. Townhomes require less work than duplexes.

If you want to purchase a property and are willing to maintan the house and land. A duplex is a great choice that allows optional renting possibilities. Otherwise the second unit in a duplex can be used for extended family or as an Airbnb location. The complete independence from an association means more work but also no regulations or rules. A duplex is like a half step towards downsizing. There is a downsize in space and less maintenance on a smaller home. However, the additional work renting out a unit decreases the typical reduction of home owner responsibilities downsizing often brings.

Market Trends

Both townhomes and duplexes are very popular right now. There is a large pool of people downsizing but uninterested in apartment living. The popularity of townhomes and duplexes is not expected to change which makes these homes a strong investment with good resale potential.

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Photo by Juhasz Imre from Pexels

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