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Welcome to Dakota County Parks….Forever Wild

The Dakota County Parks system is ready for you to explore!  Trails, Camping, Dog Parks, Lakes and Geocaching….What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called caches, and then share experiences online.

Geocaches come in many forms. Geocaches found within Dakota County Parks have a maximum size of 12 inches x 6 inches x 8 inches.  Geocaching at Dakota County Parks

Geocache containers may vary, but typically a cache will have a logbook to record visits and a non-perishable family-friendly item such as small trinkets, coins from around the world and many other items.

Check out www.geocaching.com to find coordinates for cache locations throughout Dakota County Parks. Once you have the coordinates for a cache, visit the park and try to find the cache using your GPS.

Once you find your cache, record it in the log book inside the cache. Make sure to replace the cache exactly how you found it for the next geocacher to find. After you are done, you can post your find and share your experience on www.geocaching.com.

Dakota County unveils Whitetail Woods Regional Park…The 456-acre area is Dakota County’s first new regional park in nearly 30 years.

Whitetail Cabins at Dakota County ParksNews Report from KARE 11 … FARMINGTON, Minn – For the first time in three decades a new regional park is set to open in Dakota County. Whitetail Woods has been in the works for the past few years. Tuesday afternoon, county commissioners got a tour of the 456 acre park that opens this month. Leading the group was the projects senior manager, Josh Kinney.

“People don’t build new parks. It is really amazing,” he said. “It is really a great opportunity. We are so lucky to actually be able to build something from the beginning. From the start.”

For now, there are three cabins sandwiched between white pines trees near the entrance of the park. Kinney said the goal is to have about 30.

“The highest one is elevated 14 feet in the air,” Kinney said. “It just offers a great emersion into nature experience.”

The public can rent the cabins for $60 each night starting December 1. One commissioner touring the cabin likened it to “a treehouse.”

To the south of the park, located at 17100 Station Trail, visitors will find a picnic shelter with a kitchen, outdoor fire pit and restrooms. Kinney said the entire project cost $4.3 million.

Plus, there is a nature play area for children which resembles a huge sand box.

When the seasons change, the hill adjacent to the play center will serve as a 53-foot sledding hill.

Mike Dufour, who lives in Dakota County, said this is a project worth the investment.

“I’m getting to see a little return on my tax dollars. I live in Dakota County. I love working outdoors,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed a few of the parks in Dakota county this one is going to be a pleasure.

What else?  Let’s try Kicksledding!Kicksledding at Dakota County Parks

Kicksledding is a new and growing sport that you can participate in alone, with a friend, or group of friends, even when there is very little or no snow in winter. It is a great activity for families with young children.  Learn how at Lebanon Hills Visitor Center.  Courses are available to try out kicksledding. See the Parks Calendar of Events for a full list of course offerings.  Kicksleds are available to rent during the winter season at the Lebanon Hills Visitor Center in Lebanon Hills Regional Park. Get rental information.


So much to see and do right here in Dakota County….take the time to

Explore Dakota County!

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