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Tips For Your Next Flip House

Flipping homes can be quite successful.

Buying, renovating and reselling a home is tricky business. It can be very profitable or money could be lost with one wrong decision. Flipping houses is at its peak in popularity and seen all over HGTV. However, with prices rising in this hot market along with low inventory, the return on a flip home is lower than usual. So what’s the trick to flipping? Knowledge on the market. Keep reading for some helpful tips for your next flip home!

Purchasing the right home in the right location.

Location will always be a key factor in selecting the home. It’s a good idea to stay clear of any home in a compromised location. This includes those backing to busy streets, in a neighborhood with numerous foreclosures/sales, in close proximity to commercial property, high voltage lines, etc. Look in neighborhoods with rising real estate sales and employment growth. An up and coming neighborhood will increase your chance on a profitable flip.

There’s a good chance that a young family with children will move into your flip house! Search the school district your prospective house is in. A good schooling system is usually at the top of the priority list for a parent.

Negotiating well.

Negotiating the price of your flip house doesn’t always mean getting the lowest price imaginable. It’s important to get a good value, but if you try to get the absolute lowest price it may jeopardize getting the property. This also applies to contractors. If you’re hiring out some of the work, good negotiation strategies will help keep the labor costs down.

Flip House

Careful analysis of the costs for both materials and labor.

How much does the average project cost? You may need to replace the flooring in a 500 square ft room or landscape the front of your flip house. Knowing the average cost will go a long way in determining your overall budget.

Understand the improvements that will ultimately give you the best value return. For instance, upgrading the kitchen appliances will give you more value. Save costs elsewhere by refinishing the existing cabinets with refinished or new hardware. It’s important to update every space in the home when flipping. Even if that just means painting a room for a fresh new look. Be careful not to over-improve!


To stay on time and budget, keeping yourself organized is key. While waiting for the closing on your flip house, select and price out all materials and labor. Just in case closing doesn’t go through, wait to purchase all necessary materials to avoid non-retunable items. Having all the planning done ahead of time will aid in a seamless work timeline.

Expanding your network.

Meeting other people in the industry increases your chances of acquiring your next flip house! Realtors, brokers, home inspectors, and appraisers are just a few of the people you’ll come across in this business. Forming good working relationships with people in your industry will bring a wealth of knowledge for you to use in your own work. These relationships may even bring you a buyer for your flip house! Stand out and increase your chances of success with the help of others.


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