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18 Things you Don’t Know about Sheryl Petrashek

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One of my favorite childhood pastimes was building Lego Houses

Just a light-hearted post to start out the year!  Here’s 18 things you don’t Know about Sheryl Petrashek:

1. I have a bit of a green thumb as evidenced by my 4 and 6-year-old Poinsettia plants.  Sadly, the 5-year-old didn’t make it last winter, but we have a brand new plant added to the collection this past Christmas, thanks to my Mom!

2.  Real Estate has been my only ‘job’ and career.  I started in my late 20’s after staying home with my kids, it’s all I know and so I do it with dedication

3. I’m the child of a Realtor, my Mom was an awesome agent and owned the local Century 21 Agency in Indiana.

4. I’m a Vegetarian and would like to become a Vegan but have a hard time giving up my sprinkle of Parmesan and some ranch on my salads.

5. I am riding in my first charity event, actually 2 events, the Atta-boy Ride and the Hartford Breast Cancer Ride, both sponsored by Remax Results in the summer of 2014, wish me luck!

6. I have been so lucky to have the same long-term assistants, Brenda since 2007 and Laura since 2009, they are amazing and always make me look organized!

7. I’ve never lost, forgotten, misplaced, dropped, injured, drowned, or damaged a cell phone in any way, it’s my lifeline.

8. I have an amazing husband of nearly 25 years that I met when I was on a trip around the world, he still owes me the other half of the world! I’ll settle for the 3 wonderful kids we have instead.

9. My favorite room in our house is the deck, I love to sit out there late at night and I plant lots and lots of flowers on my deck each year.

10. I have very little fashion sense, but love costume jewelry, particularly over-sized earrings.

11. I swam competitively in Jr. High and High School, I recall lots of cold morning practices in the pool.

12. I read the plot of movies before the credits have finished, that way I can read the internet and look like I am following the movie. My whole family knows this secret by now.

13.  I have a goal to bike the entire Paul Bunyan trail, it runs from Brainerd to Bemidji which is about 119 miles.

14.  I’m completely tone deaf and really don’t have much appreciation for music.

15. I lived in 10 homes during my childhood, in 5 different towns and oddly, I can draw the detailed floor plans of each and every one of them, including those from before age 6.

16. I became a realtor in the 3rd grade, but just didn’t know it then, you can read that story on the About Me page

17. My favorite childhood toys were Legos and I always built houses, or usually the outline of a house like a floor plan!

18. I really love writing on my blog, I try to provide solid information for everyone who wishes to read it, no strings attached.




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